Saturday, November 01, 2014

Variation on a Theme

Got this  from someone I used to play music with on the road. It originated from The Great White Father, which was the name given to our road manager(there may have been another reason, but as far as I know, it's because he hailed from our neighbor to the North). A contemporary variation on an old theme. 

LINDA:  “Whose drummer was Keith Moon?”

DICK:  “Right.”

LINDA:  “Whose?”

DICK:  “Yes.”

LINDA:  “What’s the name?”

DICK:  “Watts is the drummer for the Rolling Stones.”

LINDA  “I don’t care about the Rolling Stones. Whose drummer is Keith Moon?”

DICK:  “You are correct there.”

LINDA:  “Where?”

DICK:  “Weir was the guitarist for The Grateful Dead.”

LINDA:  “How is he relevant?”

DICK:  “No, Howe is the guitarist for a different band.”

LINDA:  “Who?”

DICK:  “Yes.”

LINDA:  “The Who?”

DICK:  “No,  Yes.  Who’s guitarist is Pete Townswnd.”

LINDA:  “I don’t know.”

DICK:  “Third base.”

LINDA:  “Look, I got a bat. When would you like to get hit?”

DICK:  “Winwood’s the guitarist for Traffic.”

DICK:  “I get the stiches out next week.”


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