Sunday, September 23, 2012

My New CD

Well from top to bottom, this is the back, inside and front cover of my new CD. Another solo project, with me covering the guitars, keyboards, basses and percussion(the miracle of multi-track recording, another thing we can thank the late great Les Paul for, besides his fine playing and the eponymous guitar series made by Gibson), it's called medicated moods , and will be available very soon. 
 I liken the cycle of creating a CD to that of a butterfly, in that there are(or could be conceived as)4 stages: larva(the creation of the music, pupa(ordering and mixing), chrysalis(packaging and reproduction), and the final stage when your aural butterfly is ready to spread its wings and head out into the world. Medicated moods is an eclectic mix of jazz, modern classical music and several other styles, stirred together to make what is hoped to be a pleasant listening experience. Okay, it's a mutt stylistically, but hopefully a nice blend of 'breeds'. To use yet  another analogy(this time Chili), it covers a wide range of intensity, from mild to Firebrand, but all with the intent of communicating to you the listener.
  But talk is cheap. You can hear any and all of the selections at this site:  

from the opening Some Funk for the 4th, to Orange Smoothie

Available soon on CD Baby.


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