Monday, February 23, 2015

Dynamic Duo

 One person I seem to be doing a lot of gigs with is bassist Rib Kollam. Yours truly, Roger U Roundly on guitar, and it looks like I'm comping for one of Rib's bass solos.
I don't use my real name in this blog, so I try and extend that same courtesy/anonymity to whoever I feature along with myself. Well, unless they're Kanye West or somebody..
 So here we are, yamming away at the now-defunct Centrum Cafe, where we had a nice run last Winter, for maybe 3 weeks in there. Rib looks perplexed about something in this shot.
 Another gig, this one an annual fund-raiser called Bassburg(as it features the area's high practitioners of the low frequencies). On this one, the dynamic duo is joined by drummer Mike Saunders. The picture of intensity. I look like I'm about to burst a blood vessel. Good thing Mike has a medical background. We might need it.
This one is a little more low-key. Rib and I are concentrating hard there. Looks like Mike is enjoying himself back there.
Finally this is us, Rog and Rib, in what's become our native habitat. Our monthly open-mic gig at Dr Ug's. To the uninitiated, Dr Ug's is a cafe-style restaurant in the heart of Virginia Illinois. They feature a variety of musicians a few nights every week as well as the infamous duo here. We've had this going for over a year now. 

I like playing gigs with Rib. We have a nice musical chemistry- he pulls a bit and I push, and between us we create a pretty good groove in there. And it usually follows that if you have a good musical rapport, you get on well when you're not playing. So it's a friendly climate.

And I'm sure more gigs will follow, either of the duo/trio variety or bigger groups. And more pictures of us middle-aged guys with weird expressions on our faces... 


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