Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Summer of Scoundrel

Ahh, the summer of '85. My summer in Canada. Well, specifically ,
July of 1985, Western Canada, province of Alberta, cities of Calgary and Edmonton. Calgary was a beautiful place as I remember- all the dynamism of a big city with its skyscrapers but a lot more cleaned up than our major burgs. For what it's worth, it's used in the movie Superman III. Metropolis is actually downtown Calgary. 
   Our neighbors to the north were friendly and hospitable. We were treated with kindness and respect. And they certainly liked to drink- at least the ones I met. The big event in July was(and hopefully still is)the Calgary Stampede, a 10-day celebration in which I saw people literally falling-down-drunk as they left. 
I also witnessed the band playing opposite us in the daily rotation- who, in the grand Blues Brothers tradition, drank their entire week's pay. Normally, this would be just another musician story on its third telling(i.e. embellishment), but seeing them carrying their guitarist off the stage kinda gave it a little credence..
Anyway, a nice time was had by all. Something I'm glad I did at 31 years of age. And now there's a video available, actually several, featuring our antics during that period. I'm even in this one for a minute or so. 
Thanks, Gina Dean and Scoundrel for the memories.